Eclectic Voices auditions are deferred for now.


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April 5th - People's Messiah

Eclectic Voices and friends perform Handel's Messiah for the community at Union Chapel.


June 13th

Summer Concert - Further details to follow.





This Easter Eclectic Voices choir join forces with the City Bach Collective, professional soloists and local community choirs to perform Handel's Messiah at the Union Chapel in Islington, a performance that is open to all and free to attend.  


The ensemble will be conducted by Scott Stroman, music director of Eclectic Voices, who has enlisted the support of local choirs to provide ripieno voices in the key choruses and ensure that the listener is fully immersed in the music.  


For many it will be the first time they have heard this enduring and uplifting work, for others it may be familiar, but we aim to for everyone to experience the buzz and excitement of a large-scale live performance. The project is part of the Eclectic Voices community outreach, which aims to bring the joy of choral music to a broader audience.


The People's Messiah project is partly funded thanks to a pledge of support from a generous benefactor, but we hope you will be able to support us too, whether it is by making a financial donation to contribute to the costs of staging these concerts, helping us to advertise this event, or by attending on the performances.  


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The People's Messiah performance is postponed.