An important part of Eclectic Voices is the social side of the choir, which all of us enjoy in different ways. Many of us go to the pub after rehearsals, but in addition we do many different social things outside the choir, from going to jazz or classical concerts together, to organising weekend walks and boating trips.  We have choir 'open mic' nights, too, when small-group side projects flourish and soloists are born! You can join in with any or none of these - or start initiating some social events of your own! Depending on your time and inclination it's entirely up to you how involved you get.

Additionally, the choir is run and administrated by a large group of dedicated volunteers made up from our members. We are always looking for more folk to help out with very little to very big jobs - eg putting out chairs at the beginning of rehearsals, to making the tea at tea-break, to organising a fund-raising event. If you join us we do hope that you will feel able to help out here and there. It's a good way to get to know people!