news - special project recruitment!

We sometimes recruit extra singers for single programmes - notably when we are performing large-scale works, often for our summer concerts.  It's a good way to get to know the choir and see whether you enjoy our way of working.  


We are looking for extra singers for the summer 2018 programme, when we will again be performing alongside the Covent Garden Chamber Orchestra - this time on Beethoven's SYMPHONY NO 9 (see the 'Upcoming Events' page).  


If you are interested in singing with us for the summer programme, email us for more information at info@eclecticvoices.org.uk.  We begin rehearsing on Thursday 19th April, and expect singers to attend a majority of rehearsals


We will ask you to take part in a short audition.  You can read about that process here.  You are welcome to come and sit in on a rehearsal first, to see whether you like us!  



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You can find links to some of our performances on the 'join us' page.

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