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We rehearse at Christ Church at 155 Highbury Grove, N5 1SA, Thursday evenings in term time and occasionally on Mondays before concerts.


Membership is £300 a year, which works out at £100 a term (or £25 a month). Concessions are available (at £150 per year, i.e. £50 a term or £12.50 a month) to anyone on a low wage. We never want finances to keep people from joining the choir.



Being a member of EV ...

We sing some pieces from memory, some from scores. Rehearsals are not the only time and place we work on the music - and they are not where we do the bulk of the 'note-bashing'. Rather they are where we work together on blend, colour and detail. Each member is expected to do whatever learning or memorising work they need to outside the rehearsals to keep up with the pace of learning, which is fast.


But please don't be put off! There is lots of learning support around: sight-reading classes, voice-coaching and optional sectional rehearsals are all on offer. Learning support in the form of mp3 voice parts or links to sites where they can be found are also circulated where possible. Each voice part also has a voice rep and deputy who are both there to offer help and answer all your questions. Everyone in the choir will be friendly and helpful to new members.


There are also regular email updates sent out each week to make sure you keep on top of important choir and performance information.

We perform an eclectic selection of music - hence our name! We expect choir members to sing all styles, rather than choosing only the programmes that they think they will prefer, or feel confortable with.


We have the same respect for every style and piece of music that we perform, and believe that by singing in many styles we improve our understanding and performance of all of them, as well as broadening our knowledge.

Finally, we aim to function as a community and have fun together! Many of us go to the local pub for a chat after rehearsals; members frequently organise walks, parties, theatre outings and more. We take part in charity fund-raising concerts, and frequent outreach events, bringing live music music to the places it might not otherwise reach. Eclectic Voices is an enriching place to be!